Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hai'O Open House~

On Sunday the 26th,Hai O B23 has organised an Open House for its Business Partners. It was an occasion whereby all Hai O Entreprenuers gather and even ppl from all walks of life whom are interested to know more about this Business was invited to share their outlook on making Moolah, Hai O way.
Our group basically has planned on wearing Pink or Green..I decided to wear this Pink Lace Kebaya which i hv mentioned before was my benchmark in losing weight. I am glad that i've managed to fit in this kebaya eventho it's been 7 years,as i was about to toss it out. Hurray to PB!! now i can recycle it.huhu

Me with CDM Kak Azie All of us

Me with Hai O Millionaire, CDM Kak Siti Rohana

(She is such an amazing woman,she always give me aspiration and words of wisdom)

With the Millionaire Couple, CDM Abang Lan and CDM Kak Anna

All of us with CDM Kak Azie & CDM Kak Ida

(They all jokingly said all of us at the back were the 'Gadis Melayu' rejects'hehe) Me with Kak Ct whom was always there for me to give encouraging words and advice on taking baby steps to succeed in this biz

Me with Cutie CDM Lynda Arif whom eventho ppl said that we lookalike,but i thinks she's Cuter...hehe (Yes,you are!!)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Open House at CDM Kak Ida's~

On Saturday i attended my biz partner Cdm Kak Ida's Open House in Mutiara Gombak. Eventho i got lost (hopeless in using Garmin,hehe) i managed to arrive there safe and sound and mingle with the rest of my biz partner. Since i just joined this group mid of Ramadhan, but it seems like i know them for ages.
There are absolutely no Barrier,whatsoever amongst all of us despite them being CDMs (Crown Diamond Manager) n all,they treat me just like Sisters.
Me with my beloved Leader of the Pack (CDM Kak Azie)
Me with Cdm Lynda Arif (some ppl say that we look alike)hehe
*That's a Compliment,cuz i look like a CDM~*wink*wink
The bubbly Yana,never fail to crack me up with her joke
Chillin after full n contented

Me helping myself out

Kak Ida's Marvellous Soup Tulang, n Nasi Briani cooked by Kak Ida's Hubby

Delish Carrot Cake, i love this cake the Cream Cheese is Rich~

Carrot Cake arranged by Yana,hehe
Abg Soffee whom is an expert in Hands-on,Helping me out on my Slide Presentation
All of us,just like a Family~ (Abg Soffee on extreme right is CDM Kak Azie's Hubby)
Yes!! This Business is Definitely a Family Oriented Biz Peeps~
*Btw yeah,it's obvious I am that short huhu* No Heels to cover up,i should've squad down instead~duh!

Pot Luck n Tan Sri Rozali's Open House

Last friday, it was actually my first friday at the new Workplace. Being a newbie and all i feel excited to mingle with the new circle of officemates. On that day they planned on doing a Pot Luck. I treated them with Kuah Lodeh,which was my speciality during Raya. There were a lot of goodies brought from my colleague some are homemade and some are tunjuk
tunjuk item.. hehe
me helping out organising the food
Posing Maut!!! Tinie,our EO

my own kuah Lodeh
Cookies Delight and Desserts
Yummy Cream Caramel made by Zira colourful pudding
food as presented on the table ,the pantry is huge and you can even dance Poco-poco here... Me and my New Colleagues

After work that very same day,i attended Tan Sri Rozali's Open House in Taman Tun Dr Ismail..My Bestie Nieta used to work with Tan Sri whom is a famous Entreprenuer in Malaysia before she runs her own Catering Business as she was hired during that Show 'Kalibre' -it is like Apprentice show whereby Tan Sri acts as Donald Trump...I totally admire Nieta's PR Skills and would like to inculcate that as i need Major Grooming and exposure for the benefits of my own Hai O Business. Other than that,of course i was there for the food. huhu

variety of food at the buffet spread
sinful desserts
My main course,Grilled Lamb..Yum~ and also the Keropok lekor

Nieta lookin smokin hot in Pucci designed dress

Me with Tan Sri's younger daughter (very down to earth and sweet)

Me with Puan Sri Faridah

Two Besties

Monday, 27 September 2010

My Bday Ramblings

I wish for ......and...... Insya Allah!
Bdays not only reminds us how older we get but also how wiser we should be at that age..There's a life changing experience that happened to me this year that i hope will make me learn all valuable lessons i obtain and become more mature in facing life in the mere future.
I wouldn't vent about turning 31, as i am blessed on this special day of mine to be able to breath and live my life to the fullest just the way i want to live and be surrounded by people that cares for me and shower me with unconditional love that i need.

I stumble upon an article recently stating that as a woman hits 31 that is the age when she is at her most beautiful. That would be debatable to some because age does not define beauty,as any woman can be beautiful at any age and beauty is skin deep and age is just a number,so it is said to be irrelavant. The vital thing for me is to be blessed with a beautiful mind, body (with the help of Premium Beautiful of course! -lol!) and Soul, Insya Allah! That what matters most.

My birthday which is on the 17th September falls on friday and me and my beloved family decided to dine in at Chilli's at Empire Gallery Mall in Subang. After stuffing myself with all the Ketupat,rendang,kuah kacang and etc i have a major cravings for its yummy steak and nachos....I am glad to be able to celebrate it with my parents that i love the most in this whole world.

Ohana Means Family
Picture Perfect of Chaotic Mummy's family

Big Bro Au with his Protege Anis

My Ribeye steak

Chilli Fries and Nachos

Me enjoying my bday mudpie brownies

Anyways, i received abundance of well wishes and love from friends from work,from facebook (from all around the world),families and even biz partners. Eventho i didn't received lotsa pressies on that day but really thoughts that counts whenever people wishes you well...

Bday Cards that are all Pink

Wishes from My Ex-Colleague,One Wish that i love the most is from my Friend Maigaga it is "You've aged to Perfection babe"...Thanks Babe woot woot!!

Green Tea & Lemon Reed Diffuser with essential Oils from Mr Rickslinger(Whom are so sweet,rushing to deliver it before departing back to Deutchsland)
"He will definitely make some lucky girl happy one day" *wink*wink*

La Senza Undies from Chaotic Mummy (looks like Juicy Couture)

(Juicy indeed~Dunno what she's thinking when she got me this but,it's not helping dude)

The Bestest Birthday Present Ever and i just can't believe my ears when my parents told me this news.Alhamdullilah,my parents will be taking me and family to the Place that i misses the most,as i shall be departing to the holiest place on earth on the 27th December this year ~Insya Allah~...

Just what i needed to start a new year as it hasn't been a great start for me this year. All Praises to Allah,as i am feeling blessed,as everything that happens to me in the past definitely has its blessings in disguise ~Ameen~

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Id Now n Then~

Since i just moved to a new office premise i was told by the management to give my picca to make a new Id tag. Most of my new colleagues noticed the difference from my previous Id. Can you spot any difference?
This is me before: Year 2004, round and full (weigh like 75 kilos)-
At that time before joining the Government i stayed at home tanam jagung for one year, cooking food and eating my heart out~huhu
And Now

Me now (still have my cheekbones - tp dagu tirus skit..hehe) Weigh at 59 (yeah still workin on my bottom part) -

Not only you can slim down,even your face can be transformed from extremely chubby to less chubby after using Premium Beautiful for 2 months.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Splurge using Fashion Flash Forward Card~

Anytime when i am free i would love to indulge on my favourite pastime,which is Shopping.During 'Hari Malaysia' break i went for a shopping rendezvous with my Sister at our favourite new hangout place at Empire Gallery Mall. It is situated in Subang and are only a few minutes drive from Shah Alam. There's a lot of newly opened shop there,amongst were Toy'R'us, Tangs, Guess,Charles and Keith,Ed Hardy,Levi's,SASA Selective (A more High-end version of Sasa plus you can book appointment for facial n makeover there),Diva,Dorothy Perkins and coming soon Warehouse outlet will make it's launching there.
Anyway, i decided to splurge on some item from Dorothy Perkins using my Flash Forward Card as i am entitled to received 20% discount in conjunction of my Bday Month. My sister has window shop there before and was eyeing on an outfit which is a Cream Lace Tunic but since it was not available in her size,i decided to buy it in my size which is size UK8. I felt fab because i can fit in that size as i used to wear UK16,seriously!!! Before this, i used to be dissapointed and finally came out empty handed...And after that i headed to shops likeMarks and Spencer,Ms Read wear plus size clothing is available. Now i am working on losing a few inch so i can fit UK Size 6 later. Will do that with the help of PB...During this Month of Raya,i managed to maintained my weight eventho i've been stuffing myself with all Raya Goodies..hehe What are you waiting for? Call me for further info peeps!!

Me hangin out at Starbucks...

with my Buzz lightyear

and my sister too,with Ammar hangin there..Breastfeeding in the Public! <:get a room!>hehe

i'm using this fashion fast forward card,can be used at Top Shop n Miss Seldfridge too~

Dorothy goodies i procured

the cream laced tunic i told you bout
Moi wearing it


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