Monday, 30 August 2010

Sweet Temptations~

Captain Anis's Birthday Cake looks tempting! (its Woody and Buzz lightyear wind up toy)

thomas and friends cuppies

I have a sudden cravings of something sweet and feel like indulging on some sweet delectable desserts rite away. What came across my mind was my nephew Anis's 3rd birthday cake. It's chocolate moist cake with creamy butter icing on top which i ordered from bakefreshly. Just perfect,even the icing blends nicely,not too sweet but good enough to eat.

Other than that i also have cravings for macaroons,the ones from Whisk at Empire Subang Gallery is also the dessert that is absolutely to live for,not forgotten their red velvet cake.Yum~such a sinful treat,after being on a diet,i surely will feel guilty after eating it.
yummylicious macaroons and a cup of coffee,just what i needed

Red Velvet cake~

Sunday, 29 August 2010

My buzz lightyear is sick~

Mak teh hearts Ammar

On saturday morning,my nephew Ammar is not his normal self. He was seen less chatty and i can hear his breath panting.I suspected it might be due to asthma attack or maybe i assume that he is down with fever due to his warm temperature and later after examination by the pediatrician he was admitted straight to the ward in KPJ Shah Alam. The doctor claimed that not only he has viral fever, but also diarrhea and acute bronchitis. Omg! Pity him~

I came to visit with mom and my other nephew, Anis a.k.a Woody and till now it's been two days and he is still warded. My sister said that dr gave Ammar nebulizer every 4 hours,me myself is an asthmatic but to see my lil nephew inhaling nebulizer i can just imagine how dreadful it is...poor him. Till then i hope he'll be fully recovered and hope for a speedy one because i'm already missing my buzzlightyear...

Friday, 27 August 2010

Raya Shopping during lunchie~

It's Friday and it is also a blessed day as it's the Nuzul Quran break. Everyone whom is working in Selangor was given a public holidy and took this opportunity to do their Raya Shopping.As for me,who is working in Putrajaya (it's under Federal Territory) it's just another working day and since it's friday,we have longer hours for lunchie so me and my bestie Anis decided to go to the nearest Jaya Jusco to checkout some items for us to bake cookies and also some Raya decorations...Anis has a specialty in baking batik cheese cake and me,i'm not so into baking actually. It seems that my little sister has sharpen her baking skills rather than me because eventho i learned pastry but i prefer cooking than baking.

Anyways we went to Equine Park to shop a little for the impending Hari Raya. We decided to avoid going to Alamanda for once because of the massive traffic jam. We had a near-cuak (nervous to the max) experience as the Atm Machine has digested our card. Just imagine we were happily trying to withdraw our money and later it it is stated there 'out of service'. I was thinking whether is it a sign that we have to stop shopping already, because we actually had done a few purchases and later headed to the Atm machine for more cash...hehehe Yes,we are an impulse shopper indeed...We can be out of control when it comes to spending...Btw The customer service reported that due to the Selangor's public Holiday,the Atm system has gone haywire so it's congested and shall forward the card to Putrajaya branch...Thank goodness that they acknowledge their fault....

Btw Raya songs are blasting off everywhere,and sometimes it saddens me to here certain songs..Especially 'Pulanglah' by Aishah...I can't explain why but you guys go figure...I'm not done yet shopping but always remind myself to be extra economy in Spending...Insya Allah i will try to do that~

Me and Anis checking out some stuff on bargain

Anis loves this Pink Pelita (lamp)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Full Moon~

Happy Friday everyone! I catch a glimpse of the full moon just recently,a very rare occasion indeed and was amazed at how beautiful it is. This week itself is a full moon for me, not to mention that it's our payday but also the fact that The Authority has announced the extra bonus we government servants will receive for the impending Aidilfitri. What comes on my mind straight away is how to plan and survive till the 23rd of September,that's a long way to go...and already i have a shopping list which seems endless.hehe The best way for me is definitely doing all the preparation in moderation. Besides this year's celebration would definitely not be the same again.

Btw things are looking up for me as well,as i've received a letter this week stating that my application to transfer has approved and was set to leave to this new place starting september. I am glad about the transfer eventho i had a bittersweet memories here but i think everyone deserves a new fresh start. Wish me the best of luck everyone~

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Pink Photo Challenge

Finally,here's the photo challenge as assigned by Chaotic Mummy of Things that i have been doing for the last three months that has me wearing pink~ So here goes:

1. A Snapshot of me by a Paparazzi, being chased by vendor in Tangkuban Perahu,Bandung...That paparazzi followed me all the way from Tangkuban Perahu to Pasar Bharu, to sell the photo~
2. A photo of me during my cousin Sarah's (far left) Baby Shower~
3. Karaoke Session with my Secretary Friends at Wangsa Maju Walk~

4. I dunno whether this Photo is allowed, because it's me in Black but only my tudung has a bit of Pink on it...hehehe But well,here's a Photo of me at work as the Secretariat of a Course in Ipptar,Angkasapuri~

5. A photo of me attending Farah's Wedding in Marriot Putrajaya Hotel~
6. A photo of me ascending the Great Wall of China, spot the pink tudung? hehe That's me with groups of Puspanita Ladies,Utusan and Jamu Mak Dara in July~

7. A photo of me visiting the Beautiful Summer Palace in Beijing, China~

8. A photo of me with my Besties during my Bff Anis's Bday Bash at Bubba Gump Shrimp,The Curve.She's the one whom Piggy back riding her daughter Emerlin..hhehe

9. A photo of me and my friend from Uitm years, Watie during our Puteri Umno, V.O.G.U.E (Voluntary Group for Everyone) Workshop on Integrity~
10. This is a photo of me cleaning up my apartment that once i called 'Home'. I loathe doing it but thanks to my friends who help me in every way they can~

Monday, 23 August 2010

Things up for grab~ Part One

As mentioned before,i'll be letting go some of my stuff!!! This is as i've been doing some major spring cleaning and decided to overhaul my wardrobe.Besides, there's no harm in getting extra cash rite plus i kindda down size a tad.hehe :)

So the sales starts today.Btw this is only for serious buyers and is on cash terms only. If you're interested just send me an email at on my dear frens~

p/s : just wanna warn you that some are old pictures...hehe

item 1

Zara Black and Cream with oblong prints blouse(bought it in Jakarta)
Wore only one time

Size M, RM50

item 2

Orange Jaspal Silk Top
RM50 ,Size L
sent for dry cleaning

as seen me wearing it here :

item 3

Mng Orange floral tunic
Size M, Rm 30

as seen me wearing it here:

item 4:

2t1 Debenhams floral cardigan top (bought from Albraj Al Bait,Makkah)
UK Size 14 / Size L


Item 5
Pink 2+1 polka dot Debenhams Cardigan
UK Size 16 (Size XL)
as seen wearing it here :


Item 6

Guess Pink Bag (i called it Pink Gladiator Bag..hehe)


item 7

Esprit Tunic Purple Orange design
UK Size 14,RM20

Item 8

Esprit Purple Blue Silk Tunic (sent for dry cleaning)
UK Size 12
as seen me wearing it here:
item 9

P & Co graphic design pussy bow blouse,Size L

RM 20


as seen me wearing it here :

and also

item 10

Guess Purple Floral Print Hand bag


item 11

G200 Purple Stripes shirt
Size 42 (XL)
Rm 20

Item 12
Ms Read Purple Top
Size 12
Rm 30
Item 13

G200 Ruffled Purple Cardigan
Size 42 (xl)
Rm 30

as seen me wearing it here :

item 14

Jaspal Polka Dot Purple Top
Size L
Rm 20

As seen me wearing it here:

item 15

Pink Variante Tunic
Size 38 (equivalent to Size M)
Rm 20

item 16

Valentino Rudy Ruffled Linen Blouse
Size XL

item 17

Pink Tunic Dress,no brand (bought it at Rumah Mode, Bandung)
Uk Size 12


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Iftar @ Wadi Hadramwat~

During the weekend my brother decided to treat the whole family for Iftar. We consensusly decided to go for arab food furthermore actually i was craving for it since the early days of Ramadhan. I browsed through my umrah pictures and have been salivating for the yummy Roasted Chicken Mandy that i had there. hehe

Anyways, my brother suggested to go to a Yemeni Restaurant called Wadi Hadramwat which is located in Ampang. (It is rite opposite Victoria Station). Wadi Hadramwat is the first Yemeni restaurant in Malaysia. They offer an extensive array of authentic Middle Eastern and Yemeni cuisine, with the recipes all derived from the original country.

the beautiful entrance of Wadi Hadramawt Restaurant
~picture credit to yue pik kong blog~
We reached there after the Maghrib azan and the place is already crowded. It is even harder to find a parking place so we had to park our car at the Petronas petrol station next door. As anticipated there were already long queue at the Buffet Spread and due to our late arrival we were seated at the extended tables outside.

me enjoying the's definitely delish~

The food was absolutely marvellous. Served at the buffet spread were samosa, hummus, arab bread, Lamb Mandy,grilled lamb,Chicken Mandy, Lamb Haneez, Chicken Haneez,Kebab and lots more arab dishes and also desserts. I personally feel that the food is delicious and worth the RM49 but only that it takes quite awhile for them to refill the food once it's finished. For drinks available were juices and also their hot tea and coffee,which was served with mint...that's how the arabs enjoys it.

men talk~ (my three brothers on the left and my bro in law extreme right)

I love this sweet pastry,its yummy~dunno the name of it tho'
For Maghrib Prayer me and my sister went upstairs (its a two storey building) and noticed the beautiful interior of the restaurant. There you would be fascinated by the interior that consists a lot of Arab Furnishing meets Morrocon style of deco. very impressive indeed!

the interior of the surau

me camwhoring as usual :)

picture of the former Queen 'Permaisuri Aishah' at their Wall

picca of former Prime Minister Pak Lah
me in front of the entrance

time to go home~
stomach already full n feeling contented...definitely gonna make a comeback here~

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