Monday, 31 May 2010

Travel Essentials~

I've been back from my trip to Bandung since like a Week ago, sorry bout the late update because life has been insanely hectic with pile of Workloads and endless of To Do List...Btw, I had loads of fun during the Trip to Bandung,in fact it was a blast!!! I heart Bandung!!!
I made myself a lot of new friends from Puspanita (It's a ladies Association for Government Servant) from my Ministry that i used to bump into in my Workplace n just smile to each other, and now i get to know and hangout with them...

When i signed up to join this Trip, i know nobody,no particular person that is... It was like a Trip with a bunch of Strangers,maybe just familiar faces but never even got the chance to be introduced but it's definitely a great way to break the ice...

Before packing my bags and leaving for this vacation, i brought these stuff as my survival kit,apart from lotsa Moolah of course (Lol!) Just in case if i'm bored during this trip...
Necessary items like Luggage Tag (just in case if ppl took my bag by mistake, n dunno my real name :p), Travel Planner (to Plan my Trip Wisely,and to Plan on what to Shop~) i also brought along a Heartwarming book by Cecelia Anhern, 'Thanks for The Memories'..A good book for me to put my hands on,just in case if i get bored on the plane...

Anyways, i ended up chit chatting and get acquinted with my Roomie, Azlinda...Of course, i ended up not reading the book that i brought, we ended up having a long conversation all the way during the one hour plus flight...Girls Talk :) hehe

Monday, 24 May 2010

A New Bag would be great~

I saw this bag before whilst cruisn at One Utama Shopping Mall with my friend Y. It was also said to be a bag worn by Lisa Surihani in Adamaya (malay drama). Seems like i need to contemplate whether to get this or not.

It's a chic bag to be added to my coach collection, n handy enough to bring for my trip to Jakarta/Bandung later...Hmmm i need to see whether it'll burn a hole in my pocket or not...but thanks to cheaper price available on princessveestylo
i'll consider buying this....

Coach Sparkle Leather Pocket Hobo

The Essence of Repentance~

Whenever calamities strikes in my life,i have no way to turn but to Allah the Almighty. Being a human being that are prone to making mistakes and sometimes being ignorant, i know each and everyone of us will be tested. Our Faith will definitely will be tested along the way.It is also said that {Allah burdens not a soul except [with that within] its capacity}

I always thought that calamity is also some sort of an expiation of sin. All of us has committed sins in our past lives and even present, so there's no way out but to repent. As Allah is the Most Forgiving and Most Merciful loves ppl that repent and purify their soul.

The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) said to Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her) : "If you commit a sin, then ask Allah for forgiveness and repent to Him, for if a person acknowledges his sin and repents, Allah will accept his repentance."

Thursday, 20 May 2010

I Miss this Place~

Exactly on 19th May,marks a year i just got back from performing my second Umrah...I Miss this Holiest Place on Earth, it is beyond words to describe how much i Miss going there again~
Insya Allah, I will be back there again!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

1st cooking entry - Mee Bandung

As i'm staying at my parent's in Shah Alam my journey back and forth to work in Putrajaya takes like 30 mins (my speed :p)... Sometimes i headed straight home,sometimes to my gym,or any shopping mall (to buy stuffs my mom ask me or for retail therapy~muahaha) sometimes i also hang out with my besties,as rite now not only i needed to surround myself with my beloved family but also friends that loves you unconditionally,that is what support system is all about rite....
Today after work,i lifted Anis home and i hang out with her at her place in Putra Heights with her adorable lil angel,Elise Emerlin.

Cutie Pie Emerlin is scared Auntie Mimie is gonna take her snack~her rice cracker! Lol!

It was a spur of a moment kindda thing, and she decided to cook for me Mee Bandung...As you can see from my previous blog, i Love food~ I'm a total glutton and it's kindda hard for me to resist to any yummy food....(that explains the weight that escalates since yesteryears-haha)
Btw here's the basic steps of making Mee Bandung!!! It's easssy peassy you can try it on yr own~

the basic ingredients ~ Later, you can add shrimps,beef,fried tauhu for garnishing...

the top priority ingredient ~mee bandung paste

(which you can also do it from scratch using prawn shells and blend it~but anis would rather use the hassle free method and use the instant paste instead)

the simmering of beef and chopping of spring onions takes place

After the beef is tender, bring it out to slice it and later add the mee bandung paste with the beef stock and it looks like this, you can add eggs if you wish to~

'Chief Mando' takes over whenever lil Emerlin gets cranky...hehehe

A few mins later, Voila!!! Looks tempting and yummy enough to eat!!! ~cuz it's cooked with Love :) ...:P

Btw, talk about Mee Bandung during my recent trip back to Batu Pahat, Johor i discovered this infamous Mee Bandung Restaurant which is located at the Edge of Bandar Maharani,Muar...Lotsa Vips such as our current Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Former Prime Minister Pak Lah and also our own Food Ambassador, Chef Wan (household Chef for Asian Food Channel) are their regulars...It is definitely the the best in the World.

The Restaurant i told you about

Chef Wan is one happy Customer~

Monday, 17 May 2010

Smile at Life :)

My Life this week has been pretty rough and stressful, and lotsa heartache along the way. At the moment i'm observing Iddah,and only Allah knows exactly how i feel inside starting a new phase in my life. Nobody for sure wants to get married and get a divorce, i Always thought that i would get married and live happily ever after...But it turned to be Happily Never After... 6 Years of marriage,it doesn't even need to go through the 7th Year itch yet..:P

Anyway, i always know that things happen for a reason,maybe Allah have better plans for me...I Pray for great things in Life that leads me to a closer path towards the Creator...Insya Allah, Life would definitely be meaningful!

What i need to do now is to re-evaluate my life....Realistically enough Allah makes it quite clear that Life in this World is never gonna be Perfect, i want my life to be perfect (no dreams shattered, no misery and happiness 24/7,can?), but of course Perfection will only happens in Paradise.

Now i just need to find my own pursuit of Happiness. It is actually within my ability to find Happiness in my life, with the help of Allah, to make the most of what i have in this world and attain a level of contentment no matter what my lot in life is.

The important Lessons that i have learned is faith, hope, patience and acceptance....and to Never Underestimate the Power of a Smile :) So, Smile Everyone!!!!

Btw thanks Peter Griffin for dedicating me with that Song from Dewa Called 'Hadapi dengan Senyuman', it's a feel good song that and makes me live in a lalalala land for a second and leave all my worries behind... That is what i'm gonna do, Deal with the Pain, whilst Smiling....:) Ain't that fabulous, why need to frown rite? It's not the end of the World!!!

Note to myself:


Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Emancipation of Mimie~

It's not a Good thing, i know...But it is already written in decree (al-qada' wal qadar)...I have no choice but to accept it...May Allah The Most Glorious and Most Merciful grant me with strength to go through a new chapter of my Life...
Insya Allah!!!
Wise words of advise:
"Turn your losses into gains"
Do not despair if your feet stumble and you fall into a big hole. You will come out of it STRONGER than before. and Allah, the Almighty, is with those who are Patient~
Do not grieve if you recieve a fatal arrow from one of those who are closest to your Heart, for you will find someone to pull out the arrow,
Treat the Wound and bring back to your life and Smile :) ♥ ~ Insya Allah!!

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