Sunday, 3 October 2010

Raya Open House n Au Revior Party for Moi~

A Raya Open House was held at my former Workplace, and i was invited to attend as the Special guest. It is a norm of the Division to celebrate joyous occasions with bdays and farwells. I actually left after Raya and haven't meet most of them eversince. It was pretty overwhelming when they addresed on my slimmer figure. Some of them were impressed and even ask for my secrets on losing weight. It was no secret at all, as i mentioned i am the Proud user of a Super Duper Brand called 'Premium Beautiful'. I shared with them about this amazing product and two of them, CC Kak Asma and Renny is now using it. Thanks for Supporting our Product ladies... :)

On that day, i was to give out my farwell speech. It was an impromptu speech and what i have in mind was actually to say my highest gratitude,apologize on any wrongdoings and i actually planned to say "Think Pink,think Mimie"... huhu (tacky huh?) But of course it slipped off my mind because i had a few waterworks goin on...Can't help it peeps, as it's been 6 years of my service here and yeah there's lots of fond,and bittersweet memories since the very beginning of me joining the government and all those precious memories i shall cherish~tskkk

Anyways, on that day my close male friend named Roslee,whom i haven't met for ages (his absence was due to certain circumstances) saw me after three months and was quite awed with my my new look. He actually thought i was someone else and asked me
whether i went for 'liposuction'...Lol!! It is definitely awesome for people to see results, and eventho i haven't reach my dream weight yet,but i am quite there...Absolutely with the the help of PB.

Me giving out an impromptu farwell speech

A token of appreciation from the Division,given by Mr Choy Lup Bong,the Undersecretary of BDHA

with my Deputy Undersecretary,Pn Hamidah whom has given me a lot of Motherly advice during my service here~

with my ex colleague

with roslee my close male buddy here

Cc Asmah one of the PB User

Renny too is one of my PB User (She seems impressed with my tummy,lol!!)

Me with Herda and Marianty this Raya

Just have a look at last Raya's picca peeps...At this time i was taking Herbalife but i still eat n eat. With PB you can still eat,but it acts as your Key Performance Indicator...I never diet or starve myself to death! Excellent rite?

Me with Herda during Deeparaya 2009

me with Osama, Herda n Roslee,Happy with my body that time? NOT!!!

Lovin my new look? Thanks to PB, i am rockin that body now~ I know after Raya everyone is complaining on their Weight gains and looking for Solutions to shed those kilos...It works for me,why not y'all give it a try! What are you waiting for? Gimme a call at 019-3750979 for Measure Ups Appointment~


Mamaicha on 12 October 2010 at 11:05 said...


this what i mean that day. wow...seriously...seriously pink. :) Oopppssss i mean u look so slim, stunning, georgous, pinkylicious etc..etc. Adooiiii tak bley habis list nih.


Linda said...

Mie, mmg gorgeous!!
U look soooooo beautifulllllll.

Mimie on 14 October 2010 at 03:48 said...

Thanks y'all for the Compliments and advice for my blog. :) You guys are the best!!,I am blessed to be able to embark on this journey with y'all!!! Fight for Perth kay,All the best!!


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