Saturday, 30 October 2010

Pink Treat~

Its been such a busy month for me and i know eventho October has already come to its end,am glad to acknowledge that it is also a Pink Month..haven't u heard of Pink October? It is also in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Pink has its significance as all us ladies love pink and it is not only about looking Pretty in Pink but also to wear pink with Pride.

self educate myself to learn how to identify the lumps..

I'm a Survivor by Beyonce...word sista!! (Performance from ladies that support breast cancer survivors)

I definitely applaud Breast Cancer Welfare Association on their gesture in conveying messages via campaign and advertisment in order to educate ladies about breast Cancer...It is such an awesome thing to do and as a woman who love her boobies (definitely my asset-duh :P) i would definitely love to be filled in with facts about Breast Cancer that hunts some women out there.
Btw, do you know that One in 15 Women Suffers from Breast Cancer?

Here are the Reasons why Patients Cancer Mortality in Malaysia is quite high:

Apart from hereditary factors, infections, viruses, stress. Food factors also have a major influence incidence of cancer precursors. Avoid fried foods, baked, contain preservatives, flavor, etc..

How to know you have one:

Now all you got to do yourself (yes eventhough you're still single) is show your breasts some TLC: Touch, Look and Check and be breast aware for life!

T: Touch your breasts (self exam in the mirror) feel for anything unusual

L: Look for changes, be aware of their shape and texture
C: Check anything unusual with your doctor (such as lump, maybe its not cancerous maybe just a cyst but check it anyway

Peeps, Breast Cancer can be curb by wearing:

Premium Beautiful

Why do i say that,peeps:

Premium Beautiful set, has been in Malaysia for years. Recognized & supported by the world health body. FIR is contained in every vein of healing that donated cancer therapy with the 5 steps below;

1. FIR radiation helps in increase endurance, that neutralize toxins and strengthen the process of cancer therapy.

2. Biology element therapy. Cancer cells would not exist and develop if blood flow is always active and smoothly throughout the body.

3. Detoxification cancer cells efficiently.

4. FIR developing blood vessels, cancer cells reproductive stunt involuntarily.

5. Warming therapy is very efficient. Cancer cells to die at the temperature of 42C during the use of Premium Beautiful. It's amazing!. Cancer cells have a weakness of body heat. Cancer cells will be OFF when the temperature of 42'C for FIR maintain body temperature at 42'C, FIR rays to kill cancer cells without conscious.

Amazing huh,why wouldn't you Invest on Premium Beautiful that has lotsa benefit for your health,think about it peeps...We smart ladies do not only concern about being Beautiful but also to be Healthy...As definitely Health is Wealth rite!

Anyways it has been such a hectic month so i think i deserve a little treat for working hard in order to achieve my target. My new Biz partner,hani has a blog that sells Authentic Designer goodies and i would love to share with all my gurl frens whom are maddd about hand bags...Got myself these gorgeous items,Yay! Absolutely Pinky Treat~

Coach New Gramercy Embossed Patent Pouch

My New Pink Purse



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